Build your own Game Boy™ games !

DMG Editor is an IDE designed for the Game Boy. It has its own language GBL close to C language. But it also has many other features like extract tiles and maps from images, create a binary file from a CSV file, assemble GB80 files in WLA-DX format.

Make a pong game

Pong game screenshot

This tutorial covers the installation of the IDE, the creation of the project structure. The creation of the game explains how to use an image and extract tiles and map files. A quick tour will be performed for the various notions about programming the Game Boy.

Or a flappy bird game

Flappy bird game screenshot

This tutorial introduces the new concept of OAM registers and their use. The introduction of different states makes it possible to manage an initialization, menu and game modes.

Or a Dr Mario like

Mr Bean game screenshot

This tutorial is meant to be a complete example for creating a game similar to those released in our childhood. It takes up ideas from one of my favorite games Dr. Mario.