Getting started

Installation guide

Download the latest version on the downloads page. Unzip the downloaded file where you want.

Please follow these steps for all platforms (Windows, Macs, Linux) - Ensure Java JVM is already installed - Start the editors by double clicking eclipse.exe

Standard Directory Layout

Having a common directory layout would allow for users familiar with one DMGEditor project to immediately feel at home in another DMGEditor project. The advantages are analogous to adopting a site-wide look-and-feel.

The next section documents the directory layout expected by DMGEditor and the directory layout created by DMGEditor.

Directory Description


Game Boy™ Language sources (.gbl)


Assembly z80 sources (.gb80)


Image resources (.png)


CSV resources (.csv)


Binary files created or generated (.bin)


Game Boy™ roms


src/gbl folder contains game boy language files (gbl).

src/asm folder contains assembly files (.gb80). It contains your files or generated from gbl files.

src/img folder contains image files (.png). Background image or windows image size must be 256 x 256 px. Display image size must be 160 x 144 px.

src/csv folder contains Excel or OpenOffice files (.csv). This folder offers a convenient way to transform data into binary files.

src/bin folder contains Binary files (.bin). Files can be created by you, or generated from images or csv files.


For each image, the compiler checks if all sprites are in the "tileset image". If true,